Meet Jolene Creed… I fell in love with the process of dog training over 20 years ago when I trained my first cocker spaniel. My husband preferred large dogs, but I had always wanted a cocker spaniel.  He told me that he didn’t want a stupid, yippy, little dog. I promised to train her and she became an awesome little dog and won his heart over as well as our two boys.

For her and the next half dozen family dogs I worked with a dog trainer that taught me a wealth of knowledge about dogs, training, and their care.  Although my dogs and I always thrived in her classes and learned a lot I felt there was still room for improvement. After her retirement I was looking for another dog trainer to work with and was given the name of Man’s Best Friend Dog Training. The husband/wife team of Lee Hamilton and Michele Rose taught me the missing pieces to bring my dog training skills to a new level. In the spring of 2012 I enrolled in an extensive training program with them and began the journey to my dream job. Along with my dog training skills I was taught how to train dog owners to get the best out of their dogs and enrich their lives through obedience and leadership.  In August of 2014 I “retired” from my job of 25 years at a local pharmacy to pursue my passion for helping people and their dogs live in harmony. Although I work for Man’s Best Friend Dog Training 3 days a week and continue to learn something new each day from their knowledge and experience, Perfect Pet Dog Training was born to help people in my local area.

The balanced training program has given my dogs the discipline and obedience for a wonderful life of freedom and fun. Prior to completing the training program I was always worried about my dogs dashing out the door or gate, catching sight of a bunny and not being able to call them back. I now have the control I need to let them run free, play ball and Frisbee but also keep them safe.  It is truly my dream come true to have such well-behaved dogs and to help others do the same. If you want a well behaved, well rounded dog that enjoys life to the fullest, please give me a call to schedule a free evaluation today.